Абразивный инструмент на керамической связке

Абразивный инструмент на гибкой основе


Огнеупорные изделия

Cut-off wheels and

stripping bakelite

Cutting wheels are used for high-performance cutting of parts and structures from various grades of steel and high-speed steel. Especially effective when cutting thin-walled profiles and sheet metal.

Sweep circles are used for all kinds of grinding and grinding operations the details and constructions made of different types of steels, sharpening of cutting tools.

Flexible abrasive tool

Flap wheels, endless belts, fiber discs, sheets and discs made of sanding paper, rolls and reels of sanding paper.

For a variety of industrial activities and applications.

Grinding wheels, straight profile, ceramic

For all types of grinding of parts and structures made of various steel grades, as well as for sharpening cutting tools made of high-speed steels.

Refractory products

Crucibles, muffles, supports, gutters, ladles, pipes.